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April 25, 1995

Ashraf Michael
Egypt Tours & Travel
4353 N. Harding Avenue
Darien, IL 60618

Dear Ash:

Brenda and I would like to thank you for all you did to make our stay at the Mena House and in Egypt comfortable. The room was wonderful. I also appreciate all the accommodations made to assure that I was transported to my meetings.

As with all trips of this nature, there is never enough time to see and experience everything. Brenda and I hope to return to Egypt to tour at a more leisurely pace.

We hope all is well with Manal. She did an excellent job as a tour guide under difficult circumstances.

Thank you again for all of your assistance.

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Sonesta Nile Cruises

                                                                                                      OCTOBER 29th 1997

MR. ASHRAF MICHAEL                            
8117 N. SHERIDAN Rd.
Darien, IL 60561

Dear Mr. Michael,


For Embarking
For Listening
For Remembering
For Your Time
For Promoting the Right Things
For Standing by us
For Being just Egypt Tours and Travel
For Everything

I take the liberty of addressing this letter to you to express our sincere gratitude for all the support you have extended to Sonesta Nile Cruises in Egypt during the past few years.

Needless to mention, it will be our honor to receive and serve your clientele our way and continue what we sincerely hope will be a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Last but not least, we thank you for selecting Sonesta Nile Cruises, we look forward to providing the fine service and facilities for which the Sonesta name is known.

Sincerely yours,

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4, El Tayaran St. Nasr City, Cairo. Egypt. P.O. Box: 9039
Tel.: 2628111-2617100-Fax: 2635731-4039980

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Darien 60601

Jim Edgar

April 28, 1995

Mr. Ashraf Michael
Egypt Tours & Travel
4353 N. Harding
Darien, Illinois 60618

Dear Ashraf,

     It is such a shame that I was not in the office when you so kindly brought my notebook and the beautiful Egyptian plate.  I would so have liked to see you, and thanked you in person for the absolutely marvelous job you did in arranging Governor and Mrs. Edgar's trip to Egypt.   From the colorful greeting you arranged for the Edgars and the members of the Trade Mission at the Mane House to your so expertly arranging everyone's departure, you were a consummate professional, and fun, too!  Thank you so much for everything you did.   We are all very grateful.

     Let's plan to have lunch sometime soon.  Please give me a call, so we can arrange it to fit your schedule, which I am sure is very hectic.  I would love to have the opportunity to thank you in person, and to talk about Egypt in detail.

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Mr. Ashraf Michael
Egypt Tours & Travel
8117 N. Sheridan Rd.
Darien, IL 60561


October 21, 1997

Dear Mr. Michael,

On behalf of EgyptAir, I would like to extend our congratulations to Egypt Tours & Travel on another very successful season.

Egypt Tours & Travel continues to provide quality tours and maintains the highest standards of performance on all programs.

I wish you continued success in the upcoming season and we are looking foward to a bright future for both of our organizations.

My very best regards,


Sincerely yours,
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Aly Mourad
Vice President, The Americas

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