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Yemen In-Depth Tour

13 DAYS 
Only $3619.00
per person

based on double occupancy

Tour Highlights:

Egypt, pyramids, travel agency in Yemen Round trip air from the U.S. Dot.gif Domestic flights in Yemen Dot.gif All transfers and sight-seeing operated by private cars and guides Dot.gif Visit Sana'a Dot.gif Marib Dot.gif Shabwa Dot.gif Seyun Dot.gif Lunch with a Bedouin Family Dot.gif Tarim, Shibam Dot.gifCamel Trek Dot.gif Al-Hajarain Dot.gif Wadi Douan Dot.gif Mukalla Dot.gif Bir Ail Dot.gif Jibla Dot.gif Amran Dot.gif Sa'ada Dot.gif Kohlan Dot.gifHajjah Dot.gif Thula Dot.gifKawkaban Dot.gifWadi DharDot.gifManakha Dot.gifAl-Hajjarah Dot.gif Hoteib Dot.gif Dinner at a local home Dot.gif Accommodations based on the Best Available in Each City. Dot.gif
Guaranteed Weekly Departure
Day Itinerary

Depart U.S.A. from New York (JFK) airport on board wide body scheduled airline flight to Sana'a, all meals and beverages served on board flight.


Arrive at the medieval city of Sana'a, the capital of Yemen, considered to be the birthplace of Arab nationhood. Airport assistance and transfer to Taj Sheba Hotel located in the city center, within walking distance from the ancient city of Sana'a for dinner & overnight.(D)

Traditional clothing for men.

Breakfast, then a full day exploration of Sana'a covering a visit to the National Museum, Haddah & the ancient quarter of this fascinating Arabian city, with its intricately decorated mosques, 1000-year-old city walls, the hidden gardens, the old market "Suq" and unique multiple-storied houses. In the evening you will be met and transferred to a local home for a traditional dinner and to get acquainted with the local people. Tour the home and engage in a friendly social discussion to get to know the people of Yemen and their way of life. Later you will be transferred for an overnight at Taj Sheba hotel. (B,D)


Breakfast, then travel east to Marib, the legendary capital of the kingdom of Sheba, see the remains of the Temple of the Moon God (Awan Temple) and the Throne of Bilquis (Bar'an Temple). See also the surviving stonework of the famous dam on which the prosperity of the kingdom of Sheba depended for more than a thousand years, and the ancient city of Marib. Dinner & overnight at Bilquis Hotel in Marib.(B,D)

Temple of the Moon God (Awam Temple)


Breakfast, then you will visit: Marib, Shabwa & Seyun (included: lunch with a Bedouin family). Early morning depart Marib for Wadi Hadramaut, via Safer & Ramlat Al-Sab'atayn (accompanied by a desert guide). Crossing the undulating deserts, known for their stark and uncluttered beauty, is one of the most exciting and interesting trips imaginable. Visit the ancient city of Shabwa and lunch, a traditional meal with a Bedouin family. Continue to Seyun for dinner & overnight at Al-Hawta Palace Hotel.(B,D)

Crossing the undulating deserts

Breakfast, then visit Seyun, Tarim, Shibam. Explore Seyun, the former capital of Kathiri Sultanate. You will visit the Palace of Sultan Al-Kathiri, built of clay & brick and decorated with gypsum. You can then wander around the traditional "Suq" with its handicrafts and home-grown produce. Depart Seyun and drive to visit Tarim the capital of Kinda Kings. You will be taken around Al-Kaff Palace (Tarim Museum), Al-Muhdar Mosque & Bin Yahya Palace. In the afternoon there will be an excursion to the "desert Manhattan" Shibam, an awe inspiring town of ancient skyscrapers soaring out of the desert which UNESCO has declared a protected world monument. Back to Seyun, dinner & overnight at Al-Hawta Palace hotel.(B,D)

Shibam (Hadramaut), the "desert Manhattan"


Breakfast, then visit Seyun, Al-Hajarain, Wadi Douan & Mukalla. Depart Seyun for Mukalla via Wadi Douan, the most important and famous valley in Wadi Hadramaut. En route, visit Al-Hajarain, one of the most ancient & beautiful villages in this area. See the remarkable stone village, atop the rocky slope of Wadi Hajarain. Continue onto Mukalla via Sif, Bada & Rashid. Dinner & overnight at Holiday Inn hotel in Mukalla.(B,D)

Female farmers in the field


Breakfast, then visit Bir Ail & fly to Sana'a for old city night tour. Early morning drive along the spectacular coast road to Bir Ali, surrounded by white sand dunes, green rocky mountains and black lava deposits. You will visit the old port of Qana, under the brooding cliffs of Husn Al-Ghurab, where the incense from Dhofar was landed for transshipment to the camel caravans. Enjoy optional swim at Bir Ali then drive back to Mukalla. Drive to airport for your flight to Sana'a, transfer to Taj Sheba hotel for dinner, at 8:00 P.M. depart hotel for a night tour in the old city of Sana'a, back to Taj Sheba hotel for overnight.(B,D)

Taj Sheba hotel


Breakfast, then visit Sana'a, Amran & Sa'ada. Depart Sana'a to Sa'ada via the fortified village of Amran, visit Amran then continue to Sa'ada for an overnight stay. In the afternoon explore Sa'ada, the ancient capital of Yemen. Under the Zaydi dynasty. See the fine Al-Hadi Mosque, considered one of the oldest & most beautiful in Yemen, and Sa'ada Rampart, which is still standing together with all its fortifications, towers and gates circling the city. Dinner & overnight at Rahban hotel.(B,D)

The fortified village of Amran


Breakfast, then visit Sa'ada, Kohlan & Hajjah. Depart Sa'ada for Hajjah via Kohlan, one of the most fortified ancient citadels in Yemen. See its foundations, fortifications, and defensive tower cisterns. Continue to Hajjah, in the afternoon, to explore Hajjah City. Visit Al-Qahirah citadel, now a tourism place, which was during the rule of Imam Ahmed the ugliest prison. Dinner & overnight at Ghamdan hotel.(B,D)


Breakfast, then start your tour visiting Hajjah, Thula, Shibam, Kawkaban, Wadi Dhar & Sana'a. Depart Hajjah & drive to Thula via Wadi Al-Ashmour. Visit Thula, a nearly intact fortress town with its original walls, a prime example of Arab's use of stone as a building material. Drive to visit Shibam then Kawkaban, dating far back into antiquity Kawkaban is the upper town of Shibam and can be reached by a paved path which follows the flank of the cliff, at 3000m Kawkaban dominates the region. Shibam lower down is the former capital of the Yaffouride Dynasty (861 - 956 AD). Drive to Wadi Dhar to visit Dar Al-Hajjar then continue to Sana'a. Dinner & overnight at Taj Sheba hotel.(B,D)

Wadi Dhar & Fortress town of Thula

Breakfast, then visit Sana'a, Manakha, Hoteib, Al-Hajjarah & Sana'a. Depart Sana'a for a full day excursion to Manakha, driving along Qa'a Bani Mudar, where the best coffee plants are grown. Continue west to Haraz region, an area of high mountain ranges where villages and coffee plantations cling to steep slopes. Its capital Manakha, is a large market town full of narrow alleys, Suqs and attractive four-story houses. Drive on to visit the fortified medieval villages of Al-Hoteib & Al-Hajjarah, old fortified villages where houses are built directly onto rock. Share the local community traditional group dances in Hajjarah. Drive back in the afternoon to Sana'a, to enjoy farewell dinner at typical Yemeni restaurant & overnight at Taj Sheba hotel.(B,D)

Fortified village of Al-Hajjarah.


Breakfast, then you will be met by our representative and transferred to Sana'a airport, where you will be helped with your check-in and immigration formalities for your international flight back home. Arrive New York (JFK) airport the same day. (B)

Also Included: All meeting and assistance, baggage handling, entrance fees to sights mentioned, transfers, hotel service charges, and taxes are included. All sightseeing provided in Sana'a are operated by a private car with a driver and a professional tour guide. All transfers provided in Sana'a are by private car with a tour escort available with you at all times. (Personalized service.)

SINGLE SUPPLEMENT: For single occupancy, in hotels, please add $465.00. Departures from Chicago please add $259. Departures from L.A. please add $369.

EXTENSIONS & OPTIONAL TOURS: Extra days and optional tours to sites are available upon request.

If airfare from the U.S.A. is not required, please deduct $920 from posted rate.

If you need a different package, we will customize it for you.

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